About US

                We preserve Lanna existence of Chiang Mai City and mix Lanna cultures from the past to the present together and also serve you with services for city people. The travel route is easy and convenient as it is near the shopping area in Nimmanahaeminda Road, historical site at Wat Ched Yod, and important tourist attractions of Chiang Mai City. Moreover, you can have an opportunity to visit the scenery of Doi Suthep which is surrounded with the charm of true Chiang Mai City. Just visit and be proud with us together

                Viang is a place or the center of prosperity. Ngam is the beauty and magnificence. Therefore, Viang Ngam Lanna is the center of prosperity which is magnificent of Lanna. The creator intends that the visitors will meet with city gate arch since the first step to this place, and there is wall of trees standing along to each section of the villa. Various fragrance plants of Northern city surrounded by mountains and nature will make you relaxed once you visit here.
                 Nearby:  Chiang Mai  Airport, Wat Ched Yod temple, Doi Suthep, Chiang Mai Zoo, Nimmanahaeminda Road, Maya Chiang Mai, Central Plaza Chiang Mai Airport, Chiang Mai National Museum, Central Festival Chiang Mai, Central Kad Suan Kaew, Chiang Mai University, LANNA POLYTECHNIC CHIANGMAI, Lanna Hospital, Maharaj Nakorn Chiang Mai Hospital.